Our new bathroom

We were delighted when our landlord decided to renovate the bathroom, especially since my family will be here next week! Now I wasn’t on hand to ‘direct’ the design when it came to the tiles but I was pretty happy they went with white tiles for the wall and grey tiles for the floor. Plus we now have a glass screen so no more clingy shower curtains! Here is how it looks at the moment after some finishing touches by moi. (You can click here to see what it looked like before the makeover).

  1. Garp said:

    Wow. Looks good.

    • M said:

      thanks garp!

  2. hockeysticks said:

    Hi Mel
    Is that C shaped red thing a little press (sorry my vocab is not so good this morning) ?
    also where did you get the wooden floor mat ? i have been looking for one like that.

    Love the new bathroom .. gorg-esss!

    • M said:

      Hi Hockeysticks – the c shaped thing is a cabinet and its from Ikea. It contains all my lotions and potions because I couldn’t fit them all in the little white cabinet below. And the thing is my daily routine means I only use about three things out of that red cabinet. Hmmm girls really are a sucker for lotions. here is a link to the red Atran wall cabinet on the Ikea website –
      Oh and the bathmat is from Habitat – i bought it for half price in the closing down sale last year.
      Next Directory have something similar – see link below
      and here is one from John lewis

      • hockeysticks said:

        Thanks a million for all that info .. i like the orla kiely-esque shower curtain from next too 🙂

        Happy la-la-la-long weekend x

  3. I love the new bathroom design, you must be really pleased with it. The black tiles, especially, work really well against the white.

  4. M said:

    French Design – we are very happy! I never felt comfortable or relaxed in the bathroom before the renovation so never like spending anytime in it.

  5. Carm said:

    Is that a point of use water heater in the shower?

    • M said:

      Hi Carm, yes. it heats the water as it runs thru the unit.

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