Interior Design & Art Fair

Just incase you haven’t heard the Interior Design and Art Fair is coming up. Infact its next weekend!! Where does the time go? Usual place – RDS, Dublin. Anyone going along?

interior design fair

  1. Cacamilis said:

    There are vouchers in Saturday’s Irish Time admitting 2 for free. And a chance to win €5000.

  2. I’d love to come, but unfortunately I won’t be able to. I hope it’s really interesting.

  3. M said:

    Cacamilis – i could to do with €5000 right now.

    FF – there is always something interesting at the show and a great way to get some face to face time with designers.

  4. I will definitely be heading there, just got me ticket today 🙂

  5. Charain said:

    where or how do u get the tickets ??

    • M said:

      Hi Charain,

      You can buy them at the door – I think its about 10 euro. The show will be held at the RDS, Dublin from today until Sunday. Or you might be lucky and pick up a complimentary one from Wildchild Originals if you drop into their store at 24 Georges Street, Arcade, Dublin.

      • Charain said:


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