Clever ideas and clever design

The pictures below have one thing in common. I think the idea or design is clever. thats all.

I love the layout of the apartment featured on this book cover. The lounge and dining area are clearly defined. And I love that the kitchen is almost hidden yet looks very functional and able to cope with more than heating stuff up in the microwave.

Well who doesn’t love a good shoe shelf – and if you can see all your shoes you would probably buy less shoes. 🙂 I was going to bored you all with a whole post dedicated to shoe storage but thought you might all run away and never come back.

Not sure why – maybe because I want to renovate a huge warehouse one day and this is clever idea for wiring. Its probably common practice to box in the wiring in buildings with exposed brick walls but I have never seen it before. Ah such a sheltered life.


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