Kristie’s Homemade Home

I have been watching the new Channel 4 program Kristie’s Homemade Home featuring Kristie Allsopp’s renovation of her country cottage in Devon. Each week she tackles a different room or section of the house and sets about decorating it mostly with second hand furniture and handmade crafts. So far she has completed the kitchen, bathrooms, living area and the kids play area. My favourite part of the program is when she visits a local craftsperson and goes through how a particular piece is made. Kristie wants people to experience the huge satisfaction you get from making something yourself and if that is not possible employ a local craftsperson. On last night’s show we got to see how easy/mildly difficult it is to make a lamp shade. A definite skill worth knowing in my book. Anyway it seems from all the comments left on the Channel4 website a skill many people would like to learn too. I will be doing some research this week into where you can buy lampshade kits and if there are any local courses on lampshade making.


  1. lornagd said:

    Still have to watch the episodes I taped – looking forward to it! if you find out re the lampshade making, do let me know.

    Thanks, Lorna

  2. M said:

    will do.

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