Please save me from the recycling bin

Hi All,

I have a couple of Stendigs left over and rather than send them to the recycling bin I thought I would offer them totally free of charge to the people I think will appreciate them the most!!

What ‘s the catch? Well you have to pick up from Dublin in the next two weeks or pay for the postage if  it is not possible to pick up. My mother is coming to visit and I seriously need to declutter my apartment. Hi Mum. 🙂

So if you can’t bear the thought of such a beautiful design classic ending its day in the with all the other recyclables then email me at



  1. Cacamilis said:

    Crikey – I still have to pick up my one !! Where has the year gone ?

  2. M said:

    No Problem, I have it put aside. 🙂
    You still have 8 months left to enjoy though it.

  3. hockeysticks said:

    hi there, i would like one and i can pick it up. What do I have to do ?


  4. M said:

    SJ – I just sent you an email with the details.

  5. Niamh said:

    Ohh these are soo cool and free! I’m def up for taking one if they are still going.. Thanks Mel!

  6. M said:

    Niamh – sent you an email.

  7. Sarah said:

    Thanks so much for giving me one of the remaining stendigs. It’s up and I’m in love with it after only one day!
    Best, Sarah

    • M said:

      No problem at all. I am just glad they went to good homes.

  8. hilary said:

    Hi Mel!

    I’d love one of your Stendigs if there’s still one left!!!


  9. Lindsay said:

    Do you still have any left???
    I am desperate!!!!

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