My mini bedroom makeover

Feeling inspired by the weather I decided to do a mini makeover on my bedroom. This makeover cost me approx 90 euro! I ordered new white curtains online from Dekko at 26 euro for the pair, dropped into TK Maxx on Saturday and bought two new orange lamp shades – 12 euro each. Plus I picked up a grey throw and a purple cushion – 20 euro each. And lets not forget the new orange jewellery stand someone very generously sent me during the week – free.

Here is the before shot.

and here is the now

  1. emma said:

    The orange lamp shades are brilliant, completely change the look of the room. Love it.

  2. M said:

    Thanks Emma, the shades are brilliant and give off such a lovely light.

  3. zee said:

    Cute orange shades! They totally transform those lamps!

  4. M said:

    thanks zee. it is amazing how much i like the lamps now since changing the shades. i had been wanting to change the shades for such a long time but could never find quite the right shade. TK MAxx rules!

  5. ulrica said:

    I love the makeover! The shades are brilliant!

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