Summer IS coming

It is all rainy and miserable in Dublin today but I am not giving up hope – Summer IS coming soon. And I am buying a garden just to put this garden furniture in. I know this is the second Ikea post in a week but this is so adorable and kitsch. Ikea you have done it again. Should be priced around 99 sterling for the easy chair and 29 sterling for the table which doubles as a tray. Brilliant! And just maybe we might have our very own store in Dublin by then and don’t have to travel.

  1. emma said:

    I will be in Dublin in 1-1/2 weeks to begin a road trip. Sincerely hope it will have stopped raining by then!

    Add this furniture to the growing list of reasons I desperately want a yard.

  2. Summer is definitely round the corner. I love the Ikea furniture, cheep and cheerful. Really good!

  3. M said:

    emma – i hope the sun comes out for your road trip. its cloudy again today but sunshine has been forecast for the weekend!
    ivory – i think this is the cutest outdoor furniture i have ever seen. if i thought i could squeeze them onto my tiny balcony i would put this on the list.

  4. pearllinds said:

    I love that set!! The IKEA website doesn’t do it justice – I had it open in another tab as I was reading here and I went back to look for that set! I love it!! I’m planning my garden/deck/backyard, too! Great post!

  5. M said:

    Thanks and welcome Lindsay. I just need a garden and I am so buying this set.

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