The kindness of others

I woke up in a strange mood this morning. Someone crashed into my car yesterday and I was going to have to deal with it today. I really didn’t want to go to work or deal with the car but when I arrived at work I found a parcel on my desk from a very kind soul. I was on the Living Etc forum asking if anyone knew where I could find a stand I had seen in a recent issue of Living Etc. Well a few people soon recognised it was from Ikea and told me they still had some in stock. Then one very kind woman said she would pick one up next time she was in Ikea and post it over since there was no Ikea in Dublin and they might be gone by the time I went to the Belfast store!!!!!!!! I was blown away. Sometimes it takes the kindness of others to make you realise what is important.

Here is the stand. I can’t wait to get home and hang my messy pile of jewellery on its lovely branches.


  1. Rachel said:

    Wow, that was so nice of her!

  2. lornagd said:

    Delighted to hear something good happened to cheer you up. sorry to hear someone pranged your car, hope it wasn’t too bad and you weren’t too shocked when it happned. Not nice.
    Enjoy sorting out your jewellry now :-))

  3. M said:

    Rachel – Its amazing how we forget a small gesture can make someones day. and the timing was perfect.

    Lorna – it was just a little shock but no-one was hurt which is the main thing. The poor woman was so apologetic. She also had her big black labrador with her who seemed a little traumatised by it too. I wanted to give the dog a hug but thought i better concentrate on the what was going on.
    thanks for the message, i am off to organise my jewellery.

  4. emma said:

    Love it! Such a simple design. And such simple kindness. Restores my faith in humanity. And IKEA.

  5. Wow!!! What a kind and thoughtful thing to do!! And so great that it arrived on a day you were feeling down.

    Maybe not all people suck!! 😉

    Good luck getting your car sorted out….

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  6. Tina said:

    That’s just made by day even better!! Thank You to all the thoughtful souls and angels amongst us.

    • M said:

      hi tina, welcome!
      i still smile everytime i look my lovely stand.

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