Springtime with Josef Frank’s textiles

Josef Frank popped up on two blogs this week (Anh-Minh and Remodelista) as well as making an appearance in the movie Mamma Mia. Not that I would ever watch such a movie…. well maybe I did watch it but I was stuck on a plane for 24 hours and had run out of things to watch that wouldn’t hurt my brain. I know, I am just as shocked as you are. Anyway his textiles are amazing and are perfect for that spring feeling. The fabric is a little expensive but you could just get enough to make a couple of cushions if you really want it.

Pic 1 – Green Birds / Pic 2 – Teheran

here is a pic from Remodelista. This  shower curtain is absolutely stunning and gives the bathroom such a fresh feeling.

And a pic from Anh – Minh. The same fabric has been used for Roman blinds in this living room – oh I feel so revitalised and healthy just looking at this room. Its like eating a big granny smith apple on a sunny afternoon.

Or Anthropologie is a pretty close second if Josef Frank is out of the question. Check out their Flowering Quince bedding.

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