Wallpaper in the bathroom

I am becoming a really huge fan of wallpaper in bathrooms. Danielle from Fuse Interiors was in touch recently and it triggered my memory of her absolutely stunning bathroom below. I love her style and this bathroom just fuelled my love even more for wallpapered bathrooms. But don’t forget – you need to safeguard against moisture!

Tip – keep the rest of the bathroom simple when combining with patterned wallpaper.

More pics from AT, House to Home and Despire to Inspire.

And here is an ingenious solution against moisture – Stencilling!! yes this was actually painstakingly stencilled onto the wall. A great alternative to wallpaper and easy to change – simply paint over it!

Now I found a company that sells stencils and tried to get as close to the wallpaper Danielle used in her bathroom.

then I repeated the pattern to see what it might look like –

What do you think?

  1. Lorna said:

    Like it but not sure I’d have the patience! (I’d need Brian’s discipline and patience!)

  2. M said:

    I am with you there. I think I was just hoping that if I ever did decide to stencil a bathroom someone would come along and offer to do it for me.

  3. that is very beutiful wallpaper, iam very interes

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