Flattering or not?

A huge issue that faces anyone in the world of design is people copying their work and selling them off cheaper. I don’t know whether I am ok with this or not as I know I have bought the cheaper version in the past and justified it by saying to myself the original was too overpriced. So is it ok for us poorer folk who don’t have the cash but still want great design? I say this because I don’t believe designs or designers should be ripped off. But equally, if not more, disagree with the over pricing of some designers. I know, I know – its an investment. Don’t be fooled some products are overpriced due to being in vogue and has nothing to do with the design.

Anyway this all came about after I spotted this range from Next. I know there are alot of you who are huge Orla Kiely fans so I wonder how you feel about the below products. Should you buy them or not?



  1. Cacamilis said:

    The patterns are not unique to OK . They are just her interpretation of vintage designs. I like the curtains !

  2. lucia said:

    to be honest- i could probably rant all day but i won’t- 1. orla kiely is over priced for something that is not a sofisticated design- I mean come on, anyone could have done that pattern and put it on everything including ur tea caddy (lyons tea offer which I admit I have). 2. I don’t think its right for anyone to pay way over the odds for such a drab 50’s design which will probably go out of fashion as quick as it came in. 3. I don’t think its right for Orla kiely to overplay this type of pattern as much as she has- has she not got any new tricks up her sleeve- is that not what a good designer is all about????! and go ahead and buy in Next I say, if its cheaper why not!
    ahh… feels better, thanks.

  3. M said:

    I guess I am more annoyed about the prices OK’s stuff commands than the design but that said I am so over the stem design. Some of her other lines are cool but the prices are not so cool.
    I guess if you love it you will probably convince yourself you need it. And most of us have paid over the odds for something we love at least once in our life. I say once but I really mean a few times.

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