Taking flight

I have been house hunting again. The property prices are finally getting back to an acceptable level. Man – house prices were out of control in the last few years!!

Anyway I am getting off the point of this post. Its about stairs for small spaces. I have been looking at houses that have the potential to add more space – either through adding on (much much further down the track) or going up into the attic. So I have been thinking about stairs alot lately – hence the pics below.

Pics from Designfiles, Tafarkitektkonkor and Apartment Therapy

  1. Rachel said:

    Wow, the last stair/bookcase is amazing!

    • M said:

      It certainly is amazing especially if you have a large collection of books.

  2. emma said:

    I absolutely adore the bookcase stairs and the alternating triangles stairs. If only I had a second floor! One more reason to win the Lotto and acquire a new residence… or at least dream of doing that.

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