My Kitchen shame

I can hardly believe it myself but we still have not finished the kitchen in the apartment. And there is only a couple of things left to complete. Tiling and connecting the exhaust tubey thingy to the vent. Plus box in the tubing to hide it from view.

Originally I wanted coloured glass splashbacks but the landlord’s budget did not stretch that far so I have decided tiling is the way to go. Simple. Not quite.

What colour?? I have been dreaming about yellow tiles, then olive green tiles and then I think ‘keep it simple’ and go for metro style tiles in white. I also love the thought of slim grey tiles.

Pic 1 – image from Kitchenback Splash, Pic 2 – image from Living etc Jan09, Pic 3 & 4 – Homebase website

  1. Lorna said:

    Snap – have to get tiles for my kitchen splashback too!

    • M said:

      hehe – I hope it doesn’t take you as long as me.

  2. Justin said:

    I’ve seen the same yellow/orange mosaic tile before in a magazine and I love it! it is from a company called Trend and they have lots of amazing mosaics- some even come in ‘wallpaper’ designs!

  3. littlepurpledaisy said:

    My tiles will be laid sometime in the next couple of weeks. I bought cream rectangle shape tiles (like the black and white ones in your post) but instead of laying them brick style, I am having them laid one on top of the other, which will match the kitchen draws and also give it a tiled splash back effect. I have pictures of the two styles of layout on my blog


    • M said:

      Hi Joey – I was thinking of the same layout for our tiles but went with the brick style in the end. It would have looked fantastic if our landlord hadn’t decided to save money by doing the tiling himself. Most tiles are crooked and he left a huge gap between the counter and the bottom tile!

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