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Okay the last post was a bit heavy for a Tuesday. Sorry. Here is a nice bright clock from Rockett St George to cheer you up.

If you are still feeling a little uneasy here are some pretty plates to look at from Zara


A huge issue that faces anyone in the world of design is people copying their work and selling them off cheaper. I don’t know whether I am ok with this or not as I know I have bought the cheaper version in the past and justified it by saying to myself the original was too overpriced. So is it ok for us poorer folk who don’t have the cash but still want great design? I say this because I don’t believe designs or designers should be ripped off. But equally, if not more, disagree with the over pricing of some designers. I know, I know – its an investment. Don’t be fooled some products are overpriced due to being in vogue and has nothing to do with the design.

Anyway this all came about after I spotted this range from Next. I know there are alot of you who are huge Orla Kiely fans so I wonder how you feel about the below products. Should you buy them or not?



I was house hunting on the weekend and I found the most wonderful house – well wonderful in my head after all the renovations. The layout was great, the rooms were a decent size, the garden was big enough to entertain in – the only downside – the house is in need of a complete overhaul and loads of money. But that did not stop me daydreaming about it all weekend and what I could do if I had a secret stash of money. One of my fantasy renovations would be turning one of the bedrooms into a decent size bathroom with a cast iron fireplace!


Oh to have a free standing shower as well! Plus I want these tiles


bathroom pics from AT and Livingetc. Tiles from Ann Sacks.

The following DIY projects are brilliant.

I would say there are a lot of people out there with coffee tables that have seen better days – well now you have a solution. Turn it into a bench for extra seating in the living room or for the end of your bed!

Shelly shows you how on her website – which BTW is full of great ideas on how to save old furniture.


Second project is from Living Etc’s – See What I Made Section

Make your own footstool in 30 minutes! Click on the above link to find out what you have to do.


I have added another blog to my daily reading. Like I need another one. Katja and Minna started Nestled In to share pictures of their first rental home. Then back in December they bought their first home so more beautiful photos to come. I love the wallpaper they have in their new kitchen and such a serene bedroom from their first home.

I just purchased two lovely prints by the late Dorothy Wheeler. The early “comic strip” illustrations she created during the 1940s and 1950s led to her becoming one of the most sought-after illustrators for Enid Blyton’s widely published children’s books. I think the two prints below will be perfect for a little corner I want to create in my bedroom.

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