Raven coat hanger by Ingibjorg Hanna

Great for hanging that special dress or coat and great on its own. This Raven coat hanger is mounted from the ceiling but there are also two other versions with the standard coat hanger hook and one for trousers. The Raven coat hanger was designed by graphic designer Ingibjorg Hanna from Iceland.

You can purchase the coat hangers from Birkiland for 24 dollars

I also really like the Not Rudolf Coat rack – available through Birkiland for 87 dollars

  1. Lorna said:

    A great idea but aren’t ravens supposed to be bad luck (or have I dreamt up that one?) Birds are so ‘in’ this year aren’t they but I couldn’t bear to have bird wallpaper or fabric in the house – it’s just me personally though.

    • Ravens are known for their wisdom, they can see everything happening now and in the futures and have ofcourse the past stored in their memory.

  2. M said:

    Only if you hear them croak from the left – so i guess the coat hangers are ok because you will never have to worry about them croaking. 🙂 🙂
    Birds do appear to be popping up here and there. When it comes to wallpapar and birds – I have always loved the oriental style wallpaper with birds but maybe just on one wall in a bedroom or bathroom.

  3. Noi said:

    Ravens are known for their love of beautiful things:) …brilliant idea!

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