Innermost is the brainchild of designers Steve Jones and Russell Cameron. The company was founded in 1999 and has had huge success internationally.

They help launch designers as well as employing in-house designers to work on specially commissioned work.


The Mantal Dome was designed by Cédrc Ragot of “designed by item” for Innermost



The Asteroid was design by Koray Ozgen – It’s a lamp with 24 facets, each with its own unique geometry. The lamp can be placed on several of the faces and so each looks like an individual unique piece. The item can also be installed as a pendant. Plus there is a new plastic Asteroid lamp available for use both in the garden and home.




Now this one just freaks me out but maybe someone out there who doesn’t scare so easily and loves sci-fish looking lamp shades might light this. Or perhaps you want to re-create the deep sea look in your living room.


Marble was design by Christopher LaBrooy 2004. Its gathered synthetic felt shade hung over an acrylic dome.



Stockist in Ireland and Northern Ireland

ECCLECTIC INTERIORS – Bolgers Farm, Cruttenclough, Bilboa, Co. Carlow

LOTS – Dingle Rd, Tralee, Co. Kerry

BROWN THOMAS – 17-21 Patrick Street, Cork

COPPERMOON – 3 Wellington St, Belfast , BT1 6HT

DEKKO – 52 Boucher St , Belfast , BT12 6HR

STILL FURNITURE & OBJECTS – 46 Upper Queens St , Belfast , BT1 6FA


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