Stendig Calendar available exclusively through Design Heaven

I am very excited to announce I will be selling the Stendig 2009 Wall Calendar within Ireland!

This calendar is as rare as hens teeth and even more so in this part of the world. There is a limited amount of them printed each year and they usually sell out before they even hit the shops. As far as I can tell they have never been available for sale in Ireland before and Design Heaven will have the exclusive rights.

It was designed in 1966 by Massimo Vignelli and entered the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art the very same year!

I have wanted one for so long now.

Anna from Door Sixteen has one in her office and it looks so cool that I want to recreate her whole office. Well her whole house is cool.

Svanna from Carpe + Item managed to still get use out of her calendar at the end of the year by making a lampshade and using it for wrapping paper.

ITs big – measures 3 Feet by 4 feet. (thats approx 92 cms x 122 cms)

Cost of calendar should be 60 euro plus postage. I have contacted An Post regarding an estimate on postage costs – it should be around 13 euro to send Registered Post within Ireland.

If you would like to register interest in ordering the calendar please email me at –

I will be setting up a website that you will be able to purchase the calendar through but for now I just want to make sure I have ordered enough.

  1. Peter Gill said:

    were can i get a 2009 Stendig wall calendar by Vignelli in London

    please please help

  2. M said:

    hi peter – i am not sure who is selling the stendig in london? if you want to purchase online from me you can email me at

  3. Lorna said:

    Hi Mel,

    You got a lovely mention in today’s Irish Times – hope it gets you lots of sales and hope you have a very Merry Christmas,

    All the best, Lorna

  4. M said:

    thanks lorna, out of the country at the moment but logged on to the irish times website and read it. its brilliant. zee is brilliant!

  5. Lydia Chadwick said:

    Hi Mel,

    Is anyone in the UK selling the 2010 calendar?

    Hope you can help.


  6. M said:

    Hi Lydia – just sent you an email there.


  7. Frankie Jordan said:

    Hi so you know where I can get a Stendig Calender for 2010 please?


    • M said:

      Hi Frankie – sorry but i am not selling the 2010 stendig this year.

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