Kitchen Splash Backs

Well last Sunday we made the trip to Ikea to buy the kitchen for the apartment makeover! I must say the Kitchen people in Ikea were very helpful and I felt we had covered eveything by the time we left to pick the parts. One or two parts were not in stock so we knew that we would have to come back.

I so can’t wait for the Dublin store to open.

Anyway the splash back was not in stock so I am off to another store to check out their splash backs. We were impressed by the glass splash backs in Ikea so I think its going to be a glass splashback. The kitchen cabinets, worktop and flooring are similar to the picture below.

This is the layout of the apartment kitchen

now I was thinking the clear glass would look good –

I would love a red glass splashback but no more money left in the budget.


I think its going to look fabulous anyway and I can always paint one wall red to make up for it. Oh I can’t wait to see it finished!

  1. B! said:

    Can you paint the wall behind the clear splasback???

  2. M said:

    Hi B, Some splash backs you can paint behind and some have the glass already attached to a board. The ones in Ikea (which by the way don’t look like they are coming back in stock due to problems with the manufacturer) are attached to a board. I gues the pros with glass on the board means you don’t need to worry about being able to see the bonding glue. However being able to choose any colour paint or wallpaper under clear glass splashback means you can really personalise your splashback.

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