While you wait

Here are two sexy waiting room ideas. Click on the image to see the mood boards in more detail. I think the pink is winning my vote.


White mirror, white chair, chandelier and white chaise lounge from Sweetpea and Willow.

Pink wallpaper from Sandersons.

Black screen and coat hook from Graham and Green.

  1. lornagd said:

    Are you doing an interior design course at the moment?

    I like the pink one though I like the white chaise longue too. Wish I had the time to lounge away on something similar!


  2. lornagd said:

    I’ve just awarded you a ‘brilliante weblog’ award – check out my blog at http://www.garrendennylane.ie/blog, paste the award and nominate your seven. Hope you will. Lorna

  3. M said:

    Thank you so much Lorna. Just left a comment on your blog. Very honoured.
    To answer your question – I completed a Diploma in Interior Design with Limperts about a year ago. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and it looks like I just might get to try out some of my new skills very soon! I have a project coming up which I hope will lead onto many more exciting projects!

    Happy Sunday! 🙂

  4. lornagd said:

    Hi Mel,

    glad you are pleased with the award. If you can’t paste it from that post, try the post below (something funny has happened with that one!).
    We must have been studying at the same time. This time last year I was doing my final project for the Diploma in Interior Design with Limperts, I did it via correspondence. best of luck with your upcoming project. Lorna
    P.s. What a gorgeous day.

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