Chair before the table?

Am I being completely silly buying the chairs before the table? I so want the two chairs below and they are on sale so I am actually saving loads of money. And its my birthday next week… and if a certain someone wanted they could buy me a gift voucher from the online shop. So many reasons to buy them that I would be silly not to. My dilemma is that I am not sure what dining table I want? Do I want the Ikea Rocksta table or a table that will extend when you have guests? Do I want a white table or do I want a wooden table. I think the chairs are just so beautiful they will go with either. All I need is a little push 🙂

  1. M said:

    Well apparently I don’t even need a push. I just purchased the two chairs! I can’t wait to see them in the flesh. I hope I enjoy them as much as the holiday I would of had had I not purchased them.

  2. Aine said:

    Hi There,

    I love these chairs and have been looking for something similiar in leather. Any ideas in ireland who might stock good retro or vintage chairs such as these or Jacobsen ones?

    many thanks,Aine

  3. M said:

    Design Classic Direct sell reproductions of classic 20th Century furniture. The two chairs I just purchased are waiting for me at home so I will let you know if they are of good quality. They stock the chairs with red leather pads. They also sell reproductions of the Jacobsen chairs

    Wild Child Originals sometimes stock the real deal. I think they will be updating their website soon as they sell mostly online since their George’s Street store closed. But you could call them to see if they have any in their Harold’s Cross warehouse. Mobile number 087 2386143

    20th Century Furniture has 6 Burke chairs currently listed on their website -I really like these chairs and they are very like the Eero Saarinen tulip chairs.

    Websites are –

    Other than that there is an Irish dealer for Knoll product you could contact – Walls to Workstation at

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