Suzy Hoodless in Dublin town

Lucky, lucky me! Last night I attended a talk given by the very talented interior designer, Suzy Hoodless. It was held in the lovely Merrion Hotel, Dublin and was followed by the fashion designer Ben de Lisi. Suzy went through some of her recent work and explained how or why she choose particular pieces. It was great getting an insight into some of her creations and how she works. The one thing that struck me from the talk was something most of us know already but don’t always put into practice. Buy design that is timeless – this does not always mean the most expensive.

Suzy’s designs are the perfect example of how to mix great inexpensive and expensive design pieces together to create interiors that are both timeless and unique.

Okay everything in this interior is expensive except the mirror on the table which reflects the amazing and very very expensive tapestry.

Suzy found the two chairs in a London flea market at 6.30 in the morning!! Well not exactly as they look in the above pic but you get the picture.


I love the variety of colour in this interior, something Suzy is famous for. Also she has used the Roast Chandeliers I blogged about in an earlier post.

  1. zee said:

    Suzy was one of my favourite interior designers until I got to meet her yesterday. Now she’s my definite favourite; a really lovely woman and so insightful and thoughtful about interiors.

  2. M said:

    I totally agree. It was great to see Suzy in person. Just brilliant. And the free bracelet on the way out was a nice surprise!

  3. lornagd said:

    Wow, it sounds like you both had a brilliant evening. Isn’t it lovely to see a designer in the flesh, really inspiring. I am envious!!

  4. Jean said:

    I love the footstool (?) in the middle – all that buttonning!

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