Rubber flooring?

I was visiting a friend a couple of weeks back who had just moved into her new apartment and its very stylish. Anyway she mentioned that she wanted to replace the current flooring in the kitchen with red rubber. I thought wow! as rubber never really enters my head when it comes to flooring.  This has all changed – its brilliant and comes in loads of bright colours. Also if you tend to be a little on the clumsy side this might be a good solution. Here are some pics from the Rubber Floor Store.

  1. Zee said:

    I really want that style of rubber flooring for my kitchen in black. I think it loves so cool!

  2. Zee said:

    loves=looks, of course. Dopey me.

  3. lornagd said:

    I think they are brilliant for bathrooms, much warmer than tiles and hygienic too.


  4. Cleaning Lady said:

    How do you clean this floor?? I had black rubber flooring in an apartment once and could never get it clean… everything showed on it and everything stuck to it 😦

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