Homewares sale on at Dunnes

Hi All, sorry for the lack of postings in the past few days. I hope to be back on track from now on.

Dunnes Stores have their homeware sale on at the moment with 25% off selected items. I checked their website to see if the selected items are listed but to no avail. Its definitely worth checking out as you can usually find one or two lovely items. I must post a pic of a lovely lamp I picked up in one of their sales for a mere 20 euros! Anyway here are some items on their site I think are worth a closer look. (Sometimes items look better in the pic than real life.)

Retro and Branch Wallpaper priced at 25 euro.


Beautiful white and coloured glass vases – range from 8 to 15 euros

And lastly a swivel retro chair – priced at 195 euro. Although its not the real deal it might suit a teenagers room. I just realised that makes me sound really old – I take it back – what I meant to say – the chair might suit a room occupied by someone who does not really care about design just yet.




  1. I am interested in the black and silver retro and branch wallpaper you have showm on your webs homepage. I was wondering the cost per roll in canadian funds and if you ship to Canada. As well as the shipping cost.

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