CHQ – who knew?

I was passing CHQ (on Custom House Quay, Dublin) the other day to find the building finally has some residents! I guess it has been ages since I was down that part of town. So I went online to check out who is residing at CHQ. 

Meadow & Byrne have a shop and they have one or two nice pieces –

I love these chairs! They look very comfortable and a bit reminiscent of Fabricius’s Bird Chair. I think they are priced around €419 – the website is not very clear on this particular chair. Its from their Espirit Range.

The Trio table is priced at €795.

And lastly their version of Jacobsen’s Egg chair – Wave Swivel Chair is priced at €1289

For those who want to buy well designed furniture that is also kind to the planet – Environment Furniture is the furniture shop for you.

The wood used for the Curve Three Drawer Dresser looks so warm. Personally I think it would not look out of place in a mid 20th century setting. Sorry no price listed.

I love canopy style beds and the Gazebo bed is no exception. Again I love the warmth in the wood and it looks pretty sturdy.

Plus there are loads of restaurants and pampering to be had at CHQ. I really must get about more. 


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