Deadline for new light bulbs

OK its a little bit away but come January 2009 you will not be able to buy incandescent light bulbs in Ireland anymore. New legislation passed December last year will see the end to energy wasting light bulbs. Ireland was the first to pass this law but many other countries have since followed. If like me you thought ‘oh no what are my options?’, I discovered that there are a range of energy saving bulbs to suit your needs – so no need to panic. You will also save money and the planet! But if you really want to cut down on your lighting bill you should consider the following when renovating or building –

Maximise natural light as much as possible – big windows, skylights (velux)

Use light colours on the walls and furnishings to reflect natural light

Fling those nasty net curtains – not only do they reduce natural light but they are down right ugly

Make the right lighting choices for the room – it should suit the tasks that will be carried out in that room.

And lastly – this is not so much to do with design but just common sense – Just have lights on in the room you are using

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