So French, So Chic

The British home that featured in an earlier post titled – Beautiful Interiors – was the inspiration for this french bedroom.

Here is a list of where you can find the above items  – – blue vase, Pewter clock and frame, jewellery box and bird cages

Sweetpea and Willow -Classical White Rattan Bed and Lampbase. (If you like french style furniture this is the place for you – and it appears to be reasonably priced!)

Ikea (of course) – Hemnes white bedside table and dressing table

Laura Ashley – Chandelier, Lamp Shade, Cushion, curtain material, bedspread and rug


  1. Jon said:

    These websites are great I have completely refurbished my bedroom and other rooms in my home by using these websites. Oh I also used this website Lucy Willow French Furniture

  2. Marley said:

    I’m decorating my bedroom in this french style so am loving this mood board, but i cant find the wallpaper anywhere. Please please tell me where to get it, i haven’t found anything nearly as nice or classy anywhere. Thanks.

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