Francis Street, Dublin treasures

I took a stroll along Francis Street today and popped into Oxfam Home. Its full of great bargains. I had to stop myself from buying the two below as I have no room at the moment and my selfish boyfriend would not let me keep it at his place. 🙂 

So very reluctantly i thought i might share this find. The sideboard was priced at €225 and the chair was a measly €20. Maybe I could find a place for the chair at least …..

  1. lazy_atom said:

    the more i look at that chair, the more it reminds me of Darth Vader’s helmet!

    what does that say about me?

  2. zee said:

    €225 for that sideboard! Bargain of the mid-century!

  3. M said:

    Its probably gone by now – I don’t know why I didn’t buy it!

  4. Cliona said:

    Now that is freaky – I bought the sideboard for myself and the Darth chair for my sister. The sideboard is fab complete with a green cutlery drawer for CDs.

  5. M said:

    I am very envious – lucky lucky you. I am still kicking myself for not buying the sideboard. 🙂 And the chair was great value at 20 euro. Hope your sister likes it.

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