I love Ikea hacks and Angie’s George Nelson inspired jewellery cabinet is fab. I remember seeing this awhile back and forgot to save the details but not this time. Thanks to Beach Bungalow 8 for the reminder.

Now this is the original which if I had won lotto last night I would run and buy asap but sadly I did not. Damn you lotto gods!

And here is Angie’s Ikea hack which is more in my price range.

And if someone was to make this for my birthday which is coming up in a couple of months (giving you plenty of time) I would think it was the best present ever!

I need some pretty pictures today as I had a sucky weekend.

My future shop

My future art

One day I am going to attempt my version of this framed art.

And shame on me as I don’t remember where I sourced this pic from! Please send on details if you do.

And I love this work area.

First pic from hotel-aire-de-bardenas

Last pic via lardulcilar.blogspot

When I was little I never really liked pink. I had three older brothers and probably thought it was uncool.  So I find it weird that I actually really want this pink Princess! phone??? Maybe my inner pink princess has been waiting for the right moment to voice her demands.


And now for something completely different yet compliments my pink phone perfectly is this shelving.


and I definitely need (well want) a ceramic kitchen tidy in the shape of an apple or pear..


A few years back my mum moved from a big house into a very small apartment close to the city. She has since moved up the coast but when she made the original move all of the family furniture was divvied up amongst my brothers. Some of this stuff was dragged all the way from the UK in 1974 when my parents moved to Australia. I missed out. Well in fairness its because I live all the way over here. :(

I guess that’s my punishment for moving so far away from my mother!

But one thing I really would have knocked old grannies over for was our old china cabinet. There was probably nothing special as far as antiques go but it had a special aura. Mainly because that’s where all the good stuff was stored and only came out on special occasions or when we had guests my mum was trying to impress. And the occasional bottle of booze – which didn’t interest me as a child – but the fancy glasses with gold etchings that sat next to the booze did.

I guess I could scour the second hand classifieds and I might get lucky but nothing beats good old sentimental value.

rearranged design house tour china cabinet

flickr 1930s wlanut china cabinet brooklyn vintage

Pic 1 – from Rearranged Design House Tour

Pic 2 – from Brooklyn Vintage

I love Componibili cabinets. They are just so round and cute. And it just so happens we need a bedside table for the second bedroom / office. I think its fate, don’t you?

Pic from Richard Harrod

Pic from Richard Harrod

I stumbled across an authorised Kartell dealer currenlty offering free delivery within the UK and Ireland. I am going to do a quick scoot around town this weekend to make sure its not cheaper or on sale elsewhere. If not, its Bombero baby.

Until Ikea finally open the doors to their Dublin store! I apologise now but I will probably be posting my ever expanding Ikea wish list for the next seven weeks. And hopefully I can narrow it down by the time Ikea opens.

I want to be more organised so the first two things will help me achieve that -

SKAR shoe cabinet 48 sKASSETT mag files 3 s

And I want to make a bed skirt very similar to Pia’s below -

bed skirt for box bed

And while I would LOVE!!!!! to use the same fabric, its a little out of my price range at the moment so here are my Ikea subs -


Patricia 5 s0089732_PE222658_S3


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