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Decor8 and Amy Butler are running their annual mood board competition based around fabric from Amy Butler’s new range of fabrics. I entered the below but I am really not liking it so much today. Anyway if you feel like having a go its open to everyone and anyone – professionals and non professionals will be judged in separate categories to make it a level playing field. All you have to do is design a room aorund one of more fabrics from Amy Butler’s new Midwest Modern range. Competition deadline is the 23rd June. Check out the above link for details.

I designed the room for young teenaged girl who is still a bit girly but wants to be a little sophiscated in her girlieness.

Links to Furniture & Accessories on mood board –

(Description – shop – name of product – link)


Bed – Ikea – Hemnes Four poster Bed – 

White Paint for Bed – Dulux – Iced White – 

Bed linen – Clerys – Schiaparelli Stripe Double Duvet Cover  – 

White chest of Drawers – Ikea – Malm 2 Chest of Drawers – 

Curtain Fabric – Amy Butler Midwest Fabric – Pink Dahlia Range – Fushcia / Fresh Poppies –  

Pink Chair – Morosa, London , UK – Volant Chair by Patricia Urquiola – 

Silver Pouffe – Wallace Sacks – Metallic Leather Drum in Silver – 

Mirror – Wallace Sacks – Versailles Ivory Scroll Mirror –  

White Vase – Wallace Sacks – White Relief Vase –

Retro Clock – Wallace Sacks – Retro Flip Clock –

String Lights – Wallace Sacks – Orchid String Lights –

Ceiling Light Shade – Pier Furniture – Capiz Shell Shade –

Green and Pink Cushions – Pier Furniture – Linden Cerise and Green Small Agra Rib Cushion – and Pink – 

White circular rug – Graham and Green – Circular Goat Skin Rug –

Green Paint for Walls – Dulux Paint – Calm Spirit –

Curtain Pole and hold backs – Poles – Antique Ivory Metal Band Curtain Pole – and hold backs –

Andy Warhol picture in Silver Frame – All Posters – Andy Warhol Everybody poster in silver frame –


Ok I am still on my kitchen buzz. My imaginery client has just moved into their new gaff and the kitchen is awful and grubby. They have their own Fridge/Freezer and can only really splash out on a good cooker & hood. Their funds are really really tight as no one told them about all the hidden costs when buying a house. So no funds to do a complete makeover but they don’t feel comfortable about cooking or preparing food in the old kitchen.

My suggestion rip out that digusting kitchen completely! Repair and paint the walls a lovely bright colour. Then go for a freestanding kitchen for now.

The above combination (excluding the clients own appliances) came to just over 500 sterling and yes you guess it – all from Ikea

Kitchen Island – 125stg, Sink cabinet – 190stg, Mixer Tap – 75stg, Expedit bookcase – 69stg, red drawers – 18stg, red door insert – 10stg, Spice rack – 15stg, Dish drainer – 15stg, wall shelving with 5 hooks – 20stg. New kitchen – PRICELESS!

And the best thing is you can still hang on to many of these items! The kitchen island, spice rack, dishdrainer, mixer tap and wall shelving could blend in with the new kitchen makeover further down the line. And the bookcase could easily be used in another room!

The British home that featured in an earlier post titled – Beautiful Interiors – was the inspiration for this french bedroom.

Here is a list of where you can find the above items  - - blue vase, Pewter clock and frame, jewellery box and bird cages

Sweetpea and Willow -Classical White Rattan Bed and Lampbase. (If you like french style furniture this is the place for you – and it appears to be reasonably priced!)

Ikea (of course) – Hemnes white bedside table and dressing table

Laura Ashley - Chandelier, Lamp Shade, Cushion, curtain material, bedspread and rug


I am always baffled by why there is so little choice when it comes to nice shower curtains! Or is that just me? Shower curtains can really make or break a bathroom in my opinion yet there seems to be so little choice readily available in the shops. I had a quick look online and here is what i found if anyone is looking for a quick summer bathroom makeover -


The two on the left are from a UK company Balineum and you can order online. They are a bit pricey but look simply divine.

The two kitsch shower curtains in the middle are just brilliant and I think would give any bathroom the illusion that you live near the beach. Both are from an Ebay seller priced at about 20 euro – click here to view their shop.

And finally Ikea shower curtains – Candy stripe curtain is approx 10 stg and the plain red curtain (Saxan) is only  3 stg and comes in a variety of bright colours!

I have this dream that one day I will be this amazing and sophisticated host. My guests standing around listening to my quirky little stories whilst I am mixing one of my famous beverages. Yes I am so sophisticated I use the word beverages instead of umm…… beer. In my vision I own a drinks trolley with a range of sophiscated beverages, glass decanters and a cocktail shaker.  But sadly in reality I usually invite my friends back after we have all had one two many and get them to mix their own drinks. Maybe if I buy the drinks trolley the rest will follow.

By the way its very hard to find retailers that stock drinks trolleys. First trolley is from a New Zealand crowd Punga & Smith and the second from Ikea. Sometimes if you are lucky you can find retro drinks trolleys for sale on ebay.

I have just ordered some material from Etsy seller Lucky Keaur Fabrics- which I want to use to make curtains. However I am not sure if I have ordered enough because I have never actually made curtains. I want to put some finishing touches on my bedroom. Lets just ignore the fact it has only taken me two years! here is the material -

and here is what I hope it will look like.


Ok I need to get this out into the open – I redesign my boyfriend’s apartment in secret. Well when I say redesign that would imply there is a theme / design already in place. :) And when I say secret – I actually mean not so secret. Sorry D.

If I was officially hired to design the living / dining room for D here is what I would do – 

Where you can find similar or the same as above -

Sideboard – try Ebay

Curtain material – (gray lines with red circles) – is from Reprodepot

Sofa – Sofa Workshop

Coffee table – 20th Century in Habitat

Floor lamp – Dekko

White thick pile rug – Dwell

And – clock, Mirror, Fern, Red cushion, Dining table, white book shelves, decorative horses are all from Ikea.

Picture –

Lounge Chair – Eames – search Ebay


Okay I found a better rug from  


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