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Joanne from Think Contemporary dropped me an email last week with pics of their latest creation.

A quirky tea room situated in downtown Portobello, Dublin (or maybe that should be uptown since you have to walk up hill from town to get to it??).

I love hanging out in public places that feel like home and if I was still living in Dublin I would definitely be hanging out here on a cold wintry afternoon sipping tea.

You need to be creative when it comes to decorating a rental. We love our new apartment but dislike the living room light fixtures. (However this is much easier to fix than the pink walls.)

My first idea was to cover the light fixtures with giant rice paper lanterns. Only problem with this is how do you get the existing light fixture inside the paper lantern?? Any ideas??

Or a large plain drum shade with a diffuser.

Pic 1 – by me Pic 2 & 3 – via Despire 2 Inspire

Hi All,

Well finally we are connected to the wonderful world-wide web again! It has been tough but we survived.

So now I can get back to reading all the amazing blogs out there and I am sure discovering some new ones. Of course this is all in the name of research for our new apartment.

We have several decorating dilemmas to tackle in our new home. First its a rental and the owners don’t appear to be open to any changes. So we are stuck with several fixtures. Vertical blinds! Soft pink walls in every room! and dated light fixtures!

But it has great potential as well as many pluses. Big windows that let a lot of wonderful light in, two big balconies, spacious rooms and we are near the harbour.

So here are some ideas to deal with the living room – 1. white furniture 2. Big bold art to stop it from looking too girly 3. bring in some bold colour

Pics from Living Etc

Sorry once again for the lack of posting. We are currently staying in a place with very limited access to the internet.

I am posting from the local library which is lovely but I am finding it hard to concentrate. I thought people were suppose to be quiet in libraries?? Maybe I should let out a big SSSHHH. But I hate people who Sshh so I will persevere. So basically I will try to post from here but might not make it down here everyday.

On a lighter note Farrow and Ball has just released a new book , Living with Colour, featuring beautiful pics of British houses and apartments

We have the internet! It’s crazy how annoying and frustrating life can be without access to the internet. We tried to find out details of train times without the internet and its impossible! The phone number for the train company is only for office hours and the recorded message refers you to the website!

Here is what we use to do before the internet.

Pic from Elle Decor

We only have 4 weeks left before we hop on the plane to Oz. I can’t believe how fast the last few weeks have flown by.

Now we just have to get jobs and find a new home. We have pretty much decided we need to have an outdoor area to take full advantage of the weather plus be close to the beach. This place looks divine and ticks both of those boxes. Apparently its the old servant’s quarters of the Star and Garner Hotel.


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