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We bought a second-hand sofa when we moved into our pink palace and while it is comfortable and has a nice shape the colour is well… boring oatmeal. Its harmless but also forgettable. Unlike this striped sofa below. Ooh I wish I could sew and had a sewing machine and had the patienceĀ to sew, I would so make a striped cover for our boring non happenin sofa.

As if these people don’t have enough nice hip things going on in their joint they go and throw down a rug in their dining room that has triangles! People triangles are cool so if you want to be cool get some triangles. Not the instrument because that is not cool unless you are trying to be uncool then thats cool.

Pics from here

Yesterday I borrowed my mum’s ute. Thats right people my mum owns a ute (a type of pick up truck for any amercian readers). Its kind of funny because my mum looks like she should be driving a convertible sports car. But thats my mum and she ignored all our jokes and worries and went ahead with purchasing the ute. Now that ute is never empty.

Anyway getting back to the reason for this post. Yesterday I borrowed my mum’s ute and went to pick up two sun lounges from this gorgeous house in Clareville.

I didn’t take the sun lounges in the end but the trip out there was so worth it.

The house is just so so beautiful and such an amazing spot.

We only have 4 weeks left before we hop on the plane to Oz. I can’t believe how fast the last few weeks have flown by.

Now we just have to get jobs and find a new home. We have pretty much decided we need to have an outdoor area to take full advantage of the weather plus be close to the beach. This place looks divine and ticks both of those boxes. Apparently its the old servant’s quarters of the Star and Garner Hotel.

Sharon’s NY pad is droolicious. Now I don’t use that word ever but that is exactly how I feel about this apartment. The walls and cabinetry are painted in the most perfect grey I have ever seen! The bathroom tiles are so sparkly and glamorous. And don’t get me started about the exposed brickwork and high ceilings. O Perfect Apartment, I would give up my dream of a garden for you!

Thanks AT for another wonderful house tour.


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