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A few months back my orchids were no more than a green verging on brown sticks and not a flower in sight. For some reason I persisted on watering them every two weeks with no sign of any growth. Then after many many weeks green shoots started appearing and then finally some flowers. So even if your orchids look like they will never flower again don’t give up, they might just surprise you.

A bit of mixed bag for today’s post. Also I will be taking next week off from work and blogging. Yippee! about the work part of course.

I found a new app – ShakeItPhoto. Its just like having a polaroid camera in your pocket. (thanks J for the lovely flowers)

Continuing the girly vibe I love this garden party setting.

image via cococozy

And finally a new wallpaper love from Anna French.

As promised here are the shots D took while I was looking around Merci. He asked permission and they said no problem as long as it was for non commercial purposes. Which it is unless they want to pay D to put these shots on their website as they are amazing! and to my surprise they have no shots of the lovely products they sell on their website. So…….. ;)

I love this shot above. Would you believe that is the front counter?

Somehow carnations disappeared off my radar until recently. Usually I would reach right past them trying to grab a bunch of roses, or lilies or my recent obsession – peonies. Well no more – just look at how soft and complex this little flower is. And apparently they are very robust and last longer than most other flowers.

Sometimes the weekends whizz by without much happening but this weekend was full of little surprises.

We scored a new dining table from Oxfam on Francis Street for 40 euro and its exactly what I wanted.

and I set up a new work area for blogging / sewing / sketching using the old dining table. It needs some more finishing touches but I love having an area all of my own.

and finally the green thing I have been watering for two months finally sprouted a flower. I think I’m right in thinking this is a type of pansy? Whatever it is it made me happy to see the sunny little flower on Sunday morning.


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