DIY projects/ before and after

Black paint really is amazing. You can make a room go from bland to … hmmm what rhythms with bland and means beautiful?

Umm… damn! I should have thought this through. Anyway here are some pretty pictures.

The before pic (from At Home At Home blog)

the after pic

And this bedroom makeover makes me want to run out and buy some black paint. (from Diversion Project)

I love Ikea hacks and Angie’s George Nelson inspired jewellery cabinet is fab. I remember seeing this awhile back and forgot to save the details but not this time. Thanks to Beach Bungalow 8 for the reminder.

Now this is the original which if I had won lotto last night I would run and buy asap but sadly I did not. Damn you lotto gods!

And here is Angie’s Ikea hack which is more in my price range.

And if someone was to make this for my birthday which is coming up in a couple of months (giving you plenty of time) I would think it was the best present ever!

I know, pretty lame title. Somedays I am quite the card but I guess today is not one of them. :)

Anyway there is a point to this post. Drinks trolleys. Cool but hard to find. Well make your own!

Here is a Ikea shelf turned bar area. Quite simple really – turn the shelf on its side add some Ikea legs and Bob is your uncle who you can invite over for drinks. Or even better – convince him to make it for you!

This next one is pretty cool but I am guessing you need to know your way around a few power tools. Full instructions on how to make this trunk turned bar trolley can be found here.

Personally I am thinking of taking the lazy way out and buying this trolley from IKEA and painting it a glossy fire engine red. Maybe adding a barrier on the lower and middle shelves to stop the bottles and glasses falling over when moving it about.

I need some pretty pictures today as I had a sucky weekend.

My future shop

My future art

One day I am going to attempt my version of this framed art.

And shame on me as I don’t remember where I sourced this pic from! Please send on details if you do.

And I love this work area.

First pic from hotel-aire-de-bardenas

Last pic via lardulcilar.blogspot

For the past couple of days I have had the desire to runaway and hide. For no particular reason other than for some quiet time. If only I had a teepee. I can see myself blogging away quite happily in there. However I would just need someone to leave me hot chocolate and fresh soup. Click here for the full instructions kindly provided by Rachel from Smile and Wave. What a nice name for a blog.


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