We were delighted when our landlord decided to renovate the bathroom, especially since my family will be here next week! Now I wasn’t on hand to ‘direct’ the design when it came to the tiles but I was pretty happy they went with white tiles for the wall and grey tiles for the floor. Plus we now have a glass screen so no more clingy shower curtains! Here is how it looks at the moment after some finishing touches by moi. (You can click here to see what it looked like before the makeover).

Wow! First spotted over on Desire to Inspire. I have no words. Claudia Bryant’s interiors are simply stunning. I love the set of gold and black interiors – so warm and sophisticated. And then she goes all girlie with the next lot of interiors and I love them too. And then you look further and she has a whole set of interiors which are just as amazing as her sophisticated and girlie interiors with pops of vibrant colour. She can do no wrong in my book.

Josef Frank popped up on two blogs this week (Anh-Minh and Remodelista) as well as making an appearance in the movie Mamma Mia. Not that I would ever watch such a movie…. well maybe I did watch it but I was stuck on a plane for 24 hours and had run out of things to watch that wouldn’t hurt my brain. I know, I am just as shocked as you are. Anyway his textiles are amazing and are perfect for that spring feeling. The fabric is a little expensive but you could just get enough to make a couple of cushions if you really want it.

Pic 1 – Green Birds / Pic 2 – Teheran

here is a pic from Remodelista. ThisĀ  shower curtain is absolutely stunning and gives the bathroom such a fresh feeling.

And a pic from Anh – Minh. The same fabric has been used for Roman blinds in this living room – oh I feel so revitalised and healthy just looking at this room. Its like eating a big granny smith apple on a sunny afternoon.

Or Anthropologie is a pretty close second if Josef Frank is out of the question. Check out their Flowering Quince bedding.

Well this house has been keeping me awake at night. I went back for a second viewing today in the hope I would be able to let it go. The house is three times bigger than anything else I have looked at. And even though this house needs a lot of work done to it before you could move in – I would love the opportunity. But the banks will only give you money for renovations after you have completed the work. And that is not guaranteed even if you managed to raise the money.

Oh what I would do to this house. I had so many plans. Anyway time to move on. Bye my victorian heartbreaker.

Below are the four bedrooms upstairs – bottom right is the one I wanted to convert into a large bathroom with a fireplace.

And some shots of the stairs and the existing bathroom which could be turned into a small office if you were to move the bathroom.

I am becoming a really huge fan of wallpaper in bathrooms. Danielle from Fuse Interiors was in touch recently and it triggered my memory of her absolutely stunning bathroom below. I love her style and this bathroom just fuelled my love even more for wallpapered bathrooms. But don’t forget – you need to safeguard against moisture!

Tip – keep the rest of the bathroom simple when combining with patterned wallpaper.

More pics from AT, House to Home and Despire to Inspire.

And here is an ingenious solution against moisture – Stencilling!! yes this was actually painstakingly stencilled onto the wall. A great alternative to wallpaper and easy to change – simply paint over it!

Now I found a company that sells stencils and tried to get as close to the wallpaper Danielle used in her bathroom.

then I repeated the pattern to see what it might look like -

What do you think?

I was house hunting on the weekend and I found the most wonderful house – well wonderful in my head after all the renovations. The layout was great, the rooms were a decent size, the garden was big enough to entertain in – the only downside – the house is in need of a complete overhaul and loads of money. But that did not stop me daydreaming about it all weekend and what I could do if I had a secret stash of money. One of my fantasy renovations would be turning one of the bedrooms into a decent size bathroom with a cast iron fireplace!


Oh to have a free standing shower as well! Plus I want these tiles


bathroom pics from AT and Livingetc. Tiles from Ann Sacks.

When it comes to bathrooms I like to keep it simple – verging on extreme minimalism. I really like this bathroom below – the simple black and white colour scheme with a pop of colour through the pink towels. I am sooo envious of the no clutter (I CAN live without three different face washes) but most of all I really like the way the shower screens push inwards when not in use.

I know it has no bath but I would definitely feel very chilled after a shower if my bathroom was this beautiful.

images from alvhemmakleri

A friend just sent me a link to this house and I fell instantly in love with the interior. Oh and the house is lovely too. Here is what I love about this house and the interior design. I love the subway tiles in the bathroom and the bathroom has a window (I really want a bathroom with a window – not too much to ask for is it?). I love the walled garden. I love their furniture and lighting – the owners are in the movie biz and their furniture is a collection of movie props!. I love the dining room – loads of natural light and they have a dining room (I really want a dining room separate from the living room). I love the paint colour on the walls in the main bedroom, the fireplace, the light wooden floors and the french doors! They tell you to ignore the decor when buying a house because its the easiest thing to change but seriously their decor is too beautiful to ignore or change! Its a little over my budget but definitely worth filing for future inspiration.

Oh and I really want that jewellery stand too. I believe its from Ikea and I would almost travel all the way to Belfast just to pick one up!


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