First up from Hand we have a beautiful warm apartment in Lyon. I love the lighting, the textures and the hidden black bookshelves.

A villa in Tassin – again love the textures and lighting  – especially the yellow chandlier and the yellow trim on the rug below!! Plus the more I see black window frames the more I want!

And finally another beautiful apartment in Lyon. I love the black framed glass partition between the kitchen and living area.

Strange as this sounds all the warm weather of late makes me more homesick than when it rains all the time. I know, I’m weird!

My dream life would be to live half my time in Australia on the coast and the other on the South/Southwest coast of Ireland (in a Huf Haus).

Rachel’s Bryon bay home would fit most of my requirements for my Australian home. The location is perfect and I love indoor / outdoor living although the outdoor bath would take awhile to get use to.

This house was designed nearly 40 years ago by Hugh Newell Jacobensen. Stunning. I love the pop out boxes, the windows under the kitchen cabinets, the office nook, the bookshelves…. Oh I love everything about this house!

images via DC by Design

and here is a link to the photographer – Thomas Arledge

(thanks to jennifer from DC by Design for the heads up)

I just can’t seem to stop looking at pictures of gardens and beach houses. This winter has been a long one and summer can not come soon enough. I think this is my first year living in Ireland that I am suffering from the winter blues. So sorry but here is another beach house. The architect designed this beach house to withstand tidal waves. Not sure if I would feel happy or scared about that fact.


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